Sakshi's Profile



Sakshi is a VO artist with a fresh, very versatile, engaging and pleasant voice

for the delight of  the listener's ears.



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A native bilingual, fluent in both English and Hindi,  she is also well-versed in other

South-Asian languages like Urdu and Punjabi.

With the help of a professional home-studio setup, she is able to work globally for clients in the UK, US, Europe, Canada, Middle East and Asia for a range of projects like:


Corporate narrations / Explainers



Audio Dramas and Podcasts


Live-event announcements

Character voices for stories and games

Phone messages & IVRs

Public Service Videos

Some of my voiceover clients include:

  • Across Asia: UpGrad India, Spotify India, Zomato, Klovechef and Omantel

  • Across America & Canada: Glassman Media, Ethan Shaftel Productions, Canadian medical center and Pro Audio voices

  • Across Europe: XRhodes Films, Audio Production Hour, Asylum Aid and British

NHS (National Health Services)

Her strong work ethics and great communication skills make it a joy to work with her and she

has always enjoyed a great rapport with clients and collaborators alike.


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Chiara D's Profile

Chiara D is an award-winning multilingual stage and film actress


"a chameleon displaying exquisite acting skills"


Chiara D 2020 1 Chiara D 2020 3



Languages: Italian (Native), English and French.

Accent: Italian, French.  

Quality: engaging, warm and young.




As a voice over artist Chiara records in Italian (standard diction), Standard English and English with Italian and French accent. She has an excellent command of Italian dialects and accents. She is originally from Northern Italy.


Praised for her outstanding ability to transform herself into different characters, critics described her as ‘a chameleon displaying exquisite acting skills’, ‘phenomenal’ in her ability ‘to switch between characters through impressive vocal transformation’. Chiara is a versatile actress with a wide range of voices for cartoons and video games.  


Best known for her work with writer and director Peter Strickland on Berberian Sound Studio and the lead role in The Duke of Burgundy, in 2017 she was awarded the Inspiring Woman in a Film prize at the Los Angeles Film Awards for her lead role in Stars and Bones. Other film credits include The Rook (2015) and Native (2016). As a stage actress she toured in the UK, Europe and West Africa winning multiple international awards for her solo show Don’t You Dare!

Chiara is Associate Lecturer and Visiting Director at Rose Bruford College, RADA, East 15 Acting School, the Royal Academy of Music, Goldsmiths University and the Accademia dell’Arte in Tuscany, Italy. She is one of the leading Commedia dell’Arte practitioners in the UK. She moved to London in 2004. She works internationally.



PhD - Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture & Design, London Met University

MA (Distinction) - Royal Holloway University, UK

Diploma in Acting (Distinction) - Teatranza Drama School, Turin, Italy

BSc (1st) and MSc (Distinction /Cum Laude) - University of Turin, Italy


Further skills: scientific, medical and technical terminology.




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Eva's Profile

A new young voice from Lithuania based in the UK


Eva Smoriganaité



*2019 July. Laima's role during the Immersive theatre practice.

Directed by the company "Terre Motto ( E. Nargi ; R. Brunetti)


*2018 December. Performance of Bertolt Brecht's "Fear and Misery of the Third

Reich". Directed by Rebecca Hulbert and Benjamin Symes. Various roles


*2018 October. Voice-over for the "Curiocity" commercial

(Educational children centre in Kaunas)


*2018 October. Voice-over for "Time to forget - Alzheimer's Society TV advert 2017, 90s"


*2018 May- June. HBO "Chernobyl" Production assistant


*2016 May. "Ashes In the Snow" . Directed by: Marius A. Markevicius.


*2016 September. "Volunteers: Freedom price" . Directed by: Saulius Balandis.


*2015 January "Winter Thaw". Directed by: Adam Anderegg. Episode role

*2015-2019. Children's Animation


*2013-2014. National Kaunas Drama's Theatre  "Sad God". Child's role



*2017 September - 2020 June BA Acting degree at Falmouth University




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Alice's Profile


Alice B HEADSHOT 4 small Alice Butler smiling 2 400x495

Michael Carlo Photography





Acting, Rose Bruford College, 2018-2020

LAMDA Acting – Solo, Grade 8 Merit

Comedy Worskhop, Kate Smurthwaite, Uni. Warwick


Experience, RBC:


Role                                                                 Play                                                                                   Director


Narrator                                                            Every Brilliant Thing                                                         Jade Allen


Mrs Linde                                                         A Doll’s House                                                                   Tony James

Myself                                                             The Power (Excerpt)                                                          Jade Allen

Myself                                                              To a Fish (Verse)                                                               Jade Allen



Experience outside RBC:


Role                                         Play                                                  Director                                             Location                                             

Voice                                        Rumblestrip                                      Paul Eastwood                           G39 Gallery, Cardiff


Film / TV:

Role                                         Production                                                  Director     

Strange Girl                              GUCCI Beauty Network                                Sean Vegezzi                               London

Party guest                               Student film                                                Abigail Quinlan                           London

Ramona Mithkah                       A Case of Making the Knife Fit the Wound     Graeme Cole                       Llanberis, Wales



Languages:  English (native), Welsh (native), French (proficient), German (intermediate), BSL (basic)

Accents:  English RP (native), Cockney (proficient), Northern (proficient), Liverpool (proficient), Welsh-North (native), Welsh-South (proficient), Irish-Dublin (basic), Scottish-Glasgow (proficient), French (proficient), German (proficient), American-Midwest (proficient), Australian (basic), Russian (basic)


Piano (Grade 7), Guitar (basic), Choral Soprano F3-Bb5.



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Chiara Multilingual Talent

Chiara is a multilingual voiceover artist based in London







Narration No Music



Narration With music





Corporate No music


Corporate With music




Narration No Music



Narration With Music




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