Noa's Profile

Noa Bodner

Her clear voice is low, rich and assured.


Her training as a singer gives her the ability to play with different pitches and styles to create more variety.  

She has been doing voice-overs in a number of fields including:

Corporate narrations for commercial properties marketing, medical text etc…

She also works for radio stations including the Israeli National Radio - KOL ISRAEL.

She has done cartoon voices, singing and narrating for toys, including some for Fisher Price.


And she has done some ADR work as well, including one for Paramount Pictures...



Noa was born in Israel. She is an Actress/Musician living and working in London since 2002.


She graduated with honours from the Beit Zvi Stage School in Israel (3 year undergraduate training) and did a Post Graduate year here, at the Royal Academy of Music.


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