Camilla's Profile

Training and background:


Trained at ARTS ED, London, 3 year acting course (1996-1999). Bilingual in Norwegian and English.

Freelance “continuity announcer” and voice-over artist for VIASAT BROADCASTING (1997-2003, where she provided voice-overs, both live and recorded, forTV3, TV1000, ZTV and Viasat Plus.

She currently works as an actress and voice-over artist in England and Norway.

Voice over jobs include:



Radio Commercials                                                                      TV Commercials

Aftenposten                                                                                   Dell Computers

(Daily Radio Commercials for 6 months)                                            Moshi Monsters

Vitus Apotek                                                                                   Exxon

Visa                                                                                               Arla Appetina

Raymond Weill (English)                                                                  Air France

- Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2007 entry                 Silk Flash ‘n Go

                                                                                                     XBOX (UK and Norway)


TV3                                                                                                  National Geographic Channel

ZTV                                                                                                  Toyota (Channel 4/In English)

Viasat Plus                                                                                         Cartoon Networks

TV 1000                                                                                             Hallmark

BBC Food                                                                                          “Alfie” (trailer)

Jetix/Fox Kids                                                                                    Disney Channel



Microsoft                                                                                             Pilkington

HP                                                                                                      Ford Fiesta

Playstation (Viral)                                                                                 BP

Esso                                                                                                    KPMG (In English)

Sony Wega                                                                                           Nikken



Airlines                                                GPS                                   On Hold

British Midland                                       Audi                                  Microsoft

Britannia                                               Ford                                  British Airways

Continental Airlines                                Honda                                Citibank




Revyjaget (Documentary/NRK2)                                      Fisher Price (Baby Toys/Dubbing)

Esso – Passion for Service                                              Teach Yourself Norwegian

(Dubbing/Animation)                                                       (Language Course/Hodder & Stoughton)



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