Tartuffe by Molière

A superb adaptation by Christopher Hampton


Directed by Gérald Garutti


A must-see show for all bilingual lovers of the theatre.

The knowledge of French and English was a prerequisite to appreciate the play which might explain why the reviews were not brilliant.


The way the actors were able to flow from one language to the other was absolutely superb and reflected what is happening in everyday life in multilingual families; that was really spot on!

Locating the story in modern day USA was a great idea with Tartuffe being an “evangelist preacher” and the Sun King being replaced by a would-be dictator using Twitter to communicate made it a joy to watch.
I highly recommend it to all French-English speakers, especially if they are translators or interpreters, but I spoke to people in the audience who were bilingual and not at all involved professionally in linguistics and they adored it.


This is a unique opportunity to see such an innovative production of Tartuffe but hurry as the run ends on 28th July!