The Art of Gaman at the Theatre503

3rd to 27th October

Written by Dipika Guha and directed by Ailin Conant

I saw this play last night and was moved very close to tears and “I am not a romantic!” as say the protagonists in turn.

I went to see this play as I was attracted by the background theme of the story, the plight of the Japanese living in the US after the huge strategic blunder organised by the Japanese high command in deciding to bomb Pearl Harbor. Japanese who had been in the United States to live the American Dream were put into internment camps all over the country. This very subject came to my attention thanks to David Guterson’s Snow Falling on Cedars published in 1994, I then came across Isabel Allende’s novel the Japanese Lover and again in the Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver.

The Gaman takes up the story by following the life of Tomomi played by Tomoko Kumura as the young girl coming to visit her elderly father who is imprisoned and sick, in the second part of the play the older Tomomi is performed by You-Ri Yamanaka. Both actresses, in such a small theatre, are bringing the audience into the inner world of the tormented Tomomi who never gives up trying to achieve her dream.

The actors and the staging is more than convincing thanks to their combined talents at creating the atmosphere out of thin air.

I would highly recommend this show, there is still time to go and see it!

(Daniel Pageon)

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